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Lets Make Goo!

Fun Video on how to Make Goo like Andrew learned at the Children's Museum! Click the Arrow for more information!

Blue Cows?

Yes, there are blue cows.  Click the arrow below to find out where to find one.

Color Blindness

Do you know someone who is color blind?  Click the arrow below to learn more about it.

What is Goo?

Blue Cows Exist

Goo is a substance made from cornstarch, water and if you like, food coloring.  It is both a solid and a liquid!  It provides an opportunity for a young child to play with the substance and it is non toxic, the perfect messy science fun for most ages.  I would recommend ages 3 and up.  Never throw Goo down the pipes in your home, as it will harden and cause your pipes to back up.  Toss unused and worn out Goo in the trash.  Have fun!

Believe it or not, blue cows do exist, but you will have to travel to the country of Latvia to see the rare blue cows, of which there may only be 100 left.  There is a story that they were delivered to us from the ocean by mermaids.  These blue cows live in Latvia's Kurzeme region.  The mermaids owned the cows, and they use to come out of the sea and graze upon the grass.  Yes, cows do love blue, which is why they moo!

Being Color Blind

My father was color blind, but he was an amazing artist.  He would ask my mother for help distinguishing between colors, but it never let it stop him from his passion, painting.  My two sons are color blind, as I am a carrier of the gene.   My first son's favorite color is blue.  Why?  Because it is the color he sees correctly.

If you know of someone who is colorblind, or want to learn more, click the arrow in the box above.  

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