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Gloria A Bautista,

Business Owner, Cupids Catering

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Kelly is an amazing writer and always surprises me with how she can create a story from nothing more than a thought.  

I have known Kelly for 22 years now and through all that time, she has achieved many accomplishments.  Though there were times that were difficult in her life, she has never stopped believing that she has the ability to succeed.  


Kelly is amazing with children and while she had her home daycare for 10 years, a lot of her inspiration has come from the children.   Please help support her writing by purchasing her book and her second book, which she is currently working on.  

Vanessa L. Haverkoch, Librarian, Vermont

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Kelly and I met when she contacted me on Facebook after an extensive search of her family found that we had a common ancestor through marriage. I was so impressed and excited with her find. We exchanged photos of our Great Grandparents and she eventually found that we had a cousin by marriage who was missing all records of his existence.

Our friendship has grown since her discovery and although we are related through marriage, I feel she is family. She still travels to New England and hope to someday be able to meet her in person to share our stories. We live in opposite sides of the country, but share a common bond that would not be possible without the research that Kelly has done.

Kelly now has a new endeavor, the publication of her book. The breadth of her interests always amaze me and I look forward to reading it. I am a Librarian in Vermont and look forward to adding a copy to our collection. We are a small college with eclectic collection of books and objects for a myriad of interests and scholarly pursuits.

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